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Can HVAC air duct cleaning reduce heat loss?

It can. Our specialists in air duct cleaning Costa Mesa explain that dirt accumulations can lead to blockages, which have an adverse effect on the movement of air. As a result, heat is more easily loss. For energy efficiency, complete HVAC system maintenance is required.

What is the useful life of air ducts?

This depends on their inherent quality, on their make and on the systems which they are integrated in. Cleaning and maintenance are quite important as well. When they are provided on a regular basis, the ductwork will remain in good condition for longer.

When is emergency air duct cleaning required?

You should have your air ducts cleaned immediately if they have been infested by pests. This is because their droppings and urine may contain dangerous bacteria. If someone in the household has been diagnosed with an allergy or a serious respiratory condition such as asthma, it makes sense to reduce the level of indoor air contamination to the possible minimum with the cleaning of the HVAC ducts.

Should my air ducts be cleaned or replaced if there is mold inside?

The initial inspection will reveal the level of contamination, the nature of the mold and the amount of damage which it has caused, if any. The third factor is the primary one for choosing between cleaning and replacement. Metal air ducts, for example, are not prone to mold damage and can be properly cleaned. Fiberboard ones, on the other hand, can get damaged more easily and may require replacement.


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