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Importance of Regular Air Filter Replacement

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Importance of Regular Air Filter Replacement

Regular Air Filter Replacement In Costa Mesa

As a responsible homeowner, you might already have a full list of regular maintenance procedures at home. Spending time to deal with your HVAC system at home is always worth the time and spending, after all, it affects indoor air quality and energy efficiency at home. Particles like pollen, dust, smog and many others are trapped by the air filter. Having no clean air filter you will be left breathing, wiping and smelling those floaters. When they clog in the coil, another problem comes in, which is increased energy usage.

Have your Air Quality Tested

Professionals can be asked to perform air quality testing to determine the presence of pollutants in your home. Once you find out that yours is poor, further steps can be made to address the problem. Experts may suggest air duct cleaning. This involves thorough cleaning all components of your HVAC system to eliminate contaminants and to ensure your system is working properly again. Air duct companies are equipped with the skills and equipment to do this process and our experts can provide you with the necessary help.

HVAC Maintenance

To extend the lifespan of your home HVAC system, you can always ask for HVAC maintenance from duct cleaners. This will ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and comfortable in your own home. One of the ways to do it is through regular air filter cleaning and replacement. Again, having a clean filter reduces energy costs because the system does not have to work harder. The frequency of replacing air filters depends on where you live, the season, and how much you are using your HVAC system. For instance, during warm summer days when you are running the system constantly, you may need to change filters more frequently than in nicer weather.


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